With the world turning more and more to smart trainers and more specifically, smart bikes, it’s no surprise that bike fitters around the world have had to respond quickly in order to make our knowledge and expertise available as a service to those who have invested a lot of money in an otherwise “training tool”.  

I am one of those Bike fitters who has decided to offer my knowledge and expertise in bike fitting to those who have bought a super expensive home training tool and are struggling to enjoy it as much as they had hoped.  

Whether you ride a bike outside or indoors, comfort and efficiency is paramount when it comes to bike fitting.  Being able to enjoy your training just a little bit more is a big deal, because if you’re not looking forward to training because of pain and discomfort, then you’ve already put yourself on the back foot.  Be ahead of the game and get fitted correctly!

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peloton bike fitting

How it works:

This is a mobile service only and will require a mileage charge. Please allow up to 2 hours for this service to account for discussing, adjusting and tweaking your smart bike. It isn’t going to be perfect as some brands are less adjustable than others, but with the real-time feedback from you during the fit, I’ll get you in a much more comfortable position to allow you to enjoy your workouts even more!

Please note:

Please note:  This is only a basic fit as there are limitations to the adjustability of the smart bike, depending on which brand you have.  But it will be more comfortable following this service.

who is it for:


No.  The aim of this fit is to get you off to the best start with your new training tool by applying my bike fitting knowledge and expertise to getting you in a more comfortable and efficient position.  I will do my best to cover the main issues but there will be many layers that cannot be achieved.

Absolutely!  A bike fit in general should be the first thing you consider in order to maximise your comfort, efficiency, training and let’s not forget enjoyment.  So why not maximise your performance from your new toy that you’ve waited months for!

The Peloton or smart trainer should be very user friendly to make changes, and you will understand why you are making them during the bike fit.

Peloton & Smart Bike Fit

Get The Most From Indoor Cycling
(Mobile Only)*
£ 100
  • All indoor smart bikes inc Peloton
  • Best endeavours to cure pain
  • Correct setup peace of mind
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