Virtual Bike Fitting

Due to the Covid pandemic, I decided to offer a virtual fit option to customers. I will assess the main contact points of your current position through videos and photographs and make recommendations on position change. I will ideally require videos and photos of you riding your bike from both sides and the front and back in order to assess your current position as best I can.

This is no substitute for a full bike fit, but it may help relieve any pain and discomfort you’re experiencing.

Virtual fitting

How it works:

I use Google meet for an initial introduction and discussion about the reasons for the fit.  Then I’ll request some videos and photos from both sides, the front and back, to be sent over for me to analyse. Then we’ll have a follow up call, preferably video, where we can discuss my findings and recommendations to improving your current position.

Once you have made the changes and given it a test ride, I’d like some follow up videos and pictures of the new position for me to re-analyse.  We’ll then have another call to discuss the new position and how your interaction with the bike has changed.  Should the new position need additional tweaks, we can discuss this and make further recommendations for changing the position.  Once you’re happy, the new position will need testing and maintained for a minimum of 2 weeks to allow the body to adapt and re-calibrate.

Please note:

Please note:  This is only a basic fit and won’t cover every aspect of a full fit, but might help get you more comfortable until you are able to come for a full fit.

who is a virtual bike fit for:


No, but I will do my best to cover the main issues and help you enjoy riding your bike a bit more.

I recommend visiting your local bike shop for any changes you’re uncomfortable making. If required, I can speak to them directly if you’re struggling to explain the exact requirements to them.

As a bike fit is all about assessing someone riding a bike then I won’t feel comfortable making recommendations to someone’s position blindly. Please feel free to call though and we can discuss alternative ways around it.  I am a former IT Network Engineer so you could say I’m pretty technical, and might be able to help sort your technical issues and enable you to engage in the virtual fit fully!

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