I’m a level 4 qualified sports therapist and can help with a range of issues and injuries.

You don’t have to be a cyclist to book in with me, I have dealt with clients from a number of different sports including running, triathlon, bodybuilding and yes cycling!

If you are a cyclist, there is a perfect link between what I do as a Bike Fitter and sports therapist.  It is all about the interaction between body and bike.  Sometimes it could be a case of tight, ignored muscles holding you back as well as your current bike position.  Other times it can be your bike position causing issues with your muscles and biomechanics and I am able to look at this in addition to the bike fit you have just booked in with me for!

I offer block bookings of 5 and 10 sessions which includes a discount.

Sports therapy

who is it for:


It doesn’t have to!  The misconception around sports therapy is that it is going to hurt, but I prefer to work with my client as an individual.  Your pain threshold is what it is, and from my experience, there’s no point trying to cure you in 60 minutes if you can’t bear the pain.  So depending on the severity of your injury will depend on how many sessions it will take to fix, but I promise we’ll get it sorted.

Yes, I’m fully mobile for sports therapy as long as you have space for my collapsible bed.

Yes.  I do discounts for block bookings of 5 and 10 sessions.  This can be for those needing multiple sessions to resolve an injury, or for those who have a heavy training schedule and needing weekly resetting of muscles.  I only ask that the number of sessions booked are used within the corresponding number of weeks.

Good to know

There are contraindications that can mean sports therapy is not recommended.  If you have any of the contraindications listed in the document below, then please get in touch to discuss as I may need a doctor’s authorisation before treating you.


Type Download
VTCT Level 4 in Sports Therapy Download
Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Download


£40 per session (45-60 minutes)

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