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The Foot/Pedal interface is the most important part of a Bike Fit, which is why it is included in the full bike fit. However, if you are solely interested in buying some new shoes, then you can book in for just the shoe fit with me and get a better understanding of your feet and which shoes to buy. 

Shoes are a component, not clothing, and every foot is different. Furthermore, a correctly fitting shoe will provide you with a ‘Platform’ to riding your bike more efficiently, powerfully and in more comfort.

I am an authorised and proud dealer of Lake Cycling shoes because they offer a wide range of shoes for the many shapes and sizes of people’s feet. The majority of which come in half sizes and wide fitting options.


In addition to having a shoe that fits your feet correctly, I am now a proud dealer of G8 Performance insoles.  These are modular orthotic designed to further improve the foot/pedal interface.  They work by increasing the stability of your feet within your shoes by supporting the arch of your feet, and removing any unnecessary pressure your toes and forefoot are put under during the pedal stroke.

By supporting the natural movement of your feet within a shoe you can increase your pedalling efficiency by transferring the applied force more directly through the pedals, provide more stability for the pelvis, and in a lot of cases, reduce pain and discomfort throughout the kinetic chain.

These footbeds will be offered as part of the shoe fitting service and not to help correct an already ill fitting shoe.

who is it for:


The best shoe for you is the shoe that fits your feet correctly!

I have a selection of sizes for one of the most popular Lake shoe, the CX238.

Yes.  There is a correct shoe for everyone.  The reason I work with Lake, in particular, is because they only make shoes.  That makes them a specialist, which is surely a good thing?!

Lakes’ are no more expensive than their rival brands, but they do have the advantage of offering a range of different fitting shoes. Consider this, you wouldn’t buy a pair of flip-flops to power you £5K bike!  If you’re riding with clipless pedals where your feet are locked to the bike, the shoes are the most important component of your bike and need to fit correctly.

Yes you can.  It is advised however, that you book in for a shoe fitting as well to determine whether the footbeds are going to provide you with the benefits they are designed for.  If your shoes don’t fit your feet correctly in the first place, the G8’s won’t work.


£50 Shoe Fitting

£90 G8 Performance 2620*

*A shoe fitting is recommended to determine whether your current shoes fit correctly and that the G8 2620 will provide you with all the benefits they are intended to.

Dealer of Lake Shoes

I'm an authorised dealer of Lake shoes. If you purchase a pair of Lake shoes after your fitting, the price of the shoe fit will be deducted from the shoes.

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