Real-Time Position Analysis

Have you ever been out on a group ride and someone comments on your position?  Do their comments get into your head and make you start questioning your position? 

Real-Time Position Analysis will help you understand and show you all the positives and negatives of your current position while out on the road, and together we can address as many of them as possible.  

It includes an approx 1-hour pre-fit ride, a full bike fit, and then an approx 1-hour post-fit ride with you, the customer, around some of your local roads! Show me the roads you ride, and Strava segments you want to smash, and I’ll help make you more comfortable and efficient enough to take them on!  Comfort, plus efficiency equals speed.

How it works:

The Real-Time Position Analysis is all about enhancing the already detailed Bike Fitting service I offer by showing you actual footage of how you’re riding your bike. I want to give you the option of being even more involved with your Bike Fit simply by showing you, and giving you more tangible feedback before we make improvements.

The process:

  • We’ll first head out for our pre-fit ride and chat about your current position and the issues you’re experiencing. I’ll then take some video analysis footage of you riding your bike from a few different angles. Once I’ve gained enough information from both our chat during the ride and the on-bike video analysis of you, we can then head back and discuss what is occurring and why.
  • Once we’ve discussed your current position and you understand everything, I will get your bike setup on my static trainer and begin making changes to your bike where possible. There will be a period of on and off-the-bike checks to fine-tune the position, and once you are happy, we’ll head back out for another ride.
  • I’ll bring the camera again for further video analysis to show you the improvements, but ultimately this is the part where you can tell me what the new position feels like. During this ride I’ll help you to understand why it feels different, what is now going on with your physiology, and also to put your mind at rest.

Most cyclists don’t actually know how they’re riding their bike, and try to analyse their position just by looking at their feet in the pedals!  So by helping them to see what is happening, I can really help you to understand how your position on the bike should feel.

Remember, you’re the one riding the bike, not the person next to you!

Please note:

This is only available for mobile bookings currently.

who is a Real-time position analysis for:


No, but I will do my best to cover the main issues and help you enjoy riding your bike a bit more.

Just because someone is experienced, doesn’t mean they’ve been doing it correctly themselves.  Let my professional bike fitting skills help you understand your position.

I’ll go wherever you feel comfortable and confident to ride.  If there is a park you enjoy riding around, then we can go there.  I’m not here to soley make you faster, I’m here to help make cycling more enjoyable for you.

Real-time Analysis

The Ultimate Bike Fit
Mobile Only**
£ 350
  • On bike video analysis
  • Comprehensive bike Fit
  • Shoe Fit
  • Some parts available*
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