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By Graeme Veevers

I take pride in every one of my bike fits, you are all completely individual and about to take an important step in enjoying cycling even more!  

I’m here to help everyone continue to enjoy riding their bikes more, as too many people take up cycling but give it up almost immediately because it’s “too painful”.  It doesn’t have to be painful, and getting a bike fit should be your first thought if the pain is starting to put you off cycling altogether.

Key Assessment Points


This should provide stability for the pelvis so that maximum power can be applied by the legs.

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They need to provide a stable platform for the feet to apply power efficiently through the cranks.

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Where the controls are located.  Being able to operate these controls confidently and safely should be paramount of any bike fit.

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Each of the 3 contact points above open up a plethora of possible causes as to why your current bike position is causing you pain or discomfort.  These will all be assessed in detail during your bike fit.


I thought I felt fine before I had a bike fit as part of my training.  I was so wrong!  What I thought was comfortable and efficient was made actually comfortable and efficient.  I now have no pain at the end of every ride, other than the fatigue of muscles.

If you’re experiencing ‘pain’ while riding your bike then you are not sitting on your bike correctly.  The term “suffering” is commonly misconstrued as being pain when they’re actually two totally different things. To put it simply, if you’re getting pain in your joints while riding your bike, then you need to get a bike fit.

There are a few factors that can determine that outcome.  Yes I can make your position on the bike more comfortable after a fit, but if there are additional, more specific parts required to complete the fit which aren’t readily available, then you won’t be completely pain free until those parts are acquired.

If they are all bikes for different disciplines like road, TT, then they will each require a full fit.  If they are the same discipline, but different manufacturers, then I offer a 50% discount for the second bike.

Absolutely!  I’ve also be trained in aerodynamic preferencing which basically looks at optimising your current position to meet the demands of a particular event.  Whether it’s Time Trialling, Road racing or Triathlons, I can help optimise your position aerodynamically whilst keeping you comfortable on your bike. 

More often than you think.  If you become fitter, or more flexible and have a stronger core, then you might be able to cope with a more aggressive position that’s still comfortable and efficient.  Don’t just ‘slam’ your stem, as you might cause more problems than you think.

A month is probably the minimum time before a race that I’d recommend getting a bike fit.  Your body needs to adapt and reconfigure to the new ‘normal’.

Yes, a follow up consultation is required following a minimum of 2 weeks in the new position.  The reason for a minimum of 2 weeks is to allow the body to adapt and reconfigure itself.


Type Download
BIKEFIT - The Bicycle Fitting System Download
Torke Cycling Download

Bike Fitting Process


Initial consultation to determine your reasons for a bike fit.

Shoe Fitting

 All bike fits start with the feet as they are the foundations to riding a traditional bike. Therefore, a shoe fitting is included in the Bike fit to analyse your feet and current shoes and to help you understand how shoes should fit your feet. 


Measurements are taken of you and your current bike setup with some basic functional tests included.


Next you’ll be required to ride your bike on a static trainer so we can assess and chat about your current position, riding style and interaction with the bike.

Discuss the findings

Discuss the findings and explain in an easy to understand way what changes are needed to improve your position.

There may be a need for alternative and/or additional equipment, but this will be explained before any changes are made.


After all the recommended changes have been completed, reassess your interaction with the bike and fine-tune the changes as required.


Once you are happy with your new position, you can take comfort in knowing that your bike will be that much more enjoyable to ride without the pain and discomfort to slow you down!

Follow up

A follow-up consultation will be required after 3 weeks or 10 rides to ensure you are completely happy with the new position. We ask that the new position is maintained for this period so that the body can adapt, adjust and reconfigure.  Once this time has passed, please get in touch so we can discuss how the new position is working for you and tweak it should I feel it would further benefit you going forward.

Why choose GV ProBikeFit

If you’re still considering whether I’m a good fit for your next bike fit, pun intended – here is why I’m 100% confident you’ll be completely satisfied with your bike fit.

50+ 5-star reviews

My customer reviews mean everything to me. Ensuring my customers are 100% happy with their bike fit is paramount. See my reviews.

Torke Cycling Trained

I've undertaken my bike fit training with Torke Bike Fitting - one of the UK's best bike fitters.

Remote Fitting Available

I will come to you to perform a bike fitting. Get in touch today to book your slot.

I am a proud member of the IBFI and currently working towards my level 1 accreditation as an Internationally recognised Bike Fitter.

One of my first goals as a Bike  Fitter following my training was to become part of the International Bike Fitting Institute – IBFI.

I’d heard about the IBFI through my initial sources of interest and then more comprehensively during my training.  

“The IBFI is an international organisation developing a global standard for the bike fitting industry.”

So as a customer considering a Bike Fit, you should be able to have peace of mind when booking a Fit with any Bike Fitter.  With me, you can.

Booking Schedule

The following time slots are for appointments at Picton Cycles, Liverpool.

Day Slots Available
Monday 10 am or 2 pm
Tuesday 10 am or 2 pm
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 10 am or 2 pm
Friday 10 am or 2 pm
Saturday 10 am or 2 pm
Sunday Closed

Mobile Bookings

I bike fit in Liverpool, Cheshire and Merseyside. Not located here? Get in touch to see if I can help.

Bike Fitting Merseyside | Bike Fitting Liverpool | Bike Fitting Cheshire

Bike Fitting Pricing

Bike Fit - Comprehensive

Bike Fit at Picton Cycles
£ 200
  • Comprehensive Bike Fitting
  • Shoe Fitting
  • Parts Available*
  • Located at Picton Cycles, Liverpool
  • Mobile Fitting Available**

Real-time Analysis

The Ultimate Bike Fit
Mobile Only**
£ 350
  • On bike video analysis
  • Comprehensive bike Fit
  • Shoe Fit
  • Some parts available*

Peloton & Smart Bike Fit

Get The Most From Indoor Cycling
(Mobile Only)*
£ 100
  • All indoor smart bikes inc Peloton
  • Best endeavours to cure pain
  • Correct setup peace of mind
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