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I got into Bike Fitting a couple of years ago when I had issues with my feet, or more specifically, my toes. They would go numb after about 5 minutes of riding. I spoke with a rider I worked with at Team Wiggins and he pointed me in the direction of a bike fitter he knew.

About 6 months later following 2 intense days of training, I was able to call myself a professional bike fitter.

Before my training, I’d already searched for a professional bike fitting service near me on Google and there were a couple of people, but they were quite far away. The alternative was to go to a bike shop offering bike fitting, but in the nicest possible way, this isn’t a bike fit and more of a bike sizing service. Most bike shops especially during the pandemic don’t have time to spend circa 3 hours looking at someone’s current riding position and feet, unless it’s to be sized up for one of their own brand bikes! So that’s why I decided to become a professional bike fitter with the offering of a mobile service.

To begin with I was happy to offer a solution to a Bike Fitting Liverpool query, but quickly realised that we cyclists can cover quite a bit of distance, even 20 miles radius from our home is a fair old way. And so being able to get people in the northwest’s attention when searching for Professional Bike Fitting near me was a more appropriate and bold statement!

I also offer Bike fitting solutions to those with smart bikes and trainers. I’ve already completed a few Peloton Fitting requests both virtually and physically and would like to do more as they are becoming a bit of an issue as the majority of Peloton customers aren’t cyclists and therefore less aware of the correct way to pedal a bike, and the reasons around why a bad position on a bike can cause so many problems.

I myself own a WattBike and am very fond of it, so I also offer WattBike Fitting for those wanting to get the most out of their training. It’s not as straightforward as WattBike themselves suggest, and you will learn why during your fitting.

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